Homeland Farm

Homeland Farm

Sunday, September 1, 2013


       I awoke the other night for a quick bathroom run, and ended up sitting there for an hour while I penned this poem. I have to say the poem turned out well, but it wasn't pretty when I went to stand up an hour later. I almost tore the skin off my bum, and I swear there was a deep line ringing my nether regions for a couple hours later. Gives new meaning to "a ring around the moon." So, without further ado..my latest nocturnal ramblings...


             Mabel is a Belgian horse
             who came to us one day,
             scared and hungry and of course
             really wanting hay.

             We took her in as anyone would
              if you have a heart at all,
              and lead her to the big horse barn
              where she quickly picked her stall.
             Mabel is a big old horse,
             the biggest we've ever seen,
             she is missing lots of weight everywhere
             head to toe and in between.

             She has made a friend in Jubilee
             a hard working mule,
             eating and gaining weight has become
             part of their favorite duel.

             Mabel has a very kind eye,
             but really my favorite part
             her lips which are droopy and so soft
             they touch me in my heart.

             She worked so hard all her life,
             and was treated very poorly
             her owners fed her nothing much,
             noticing those ribs, oh surely

             So now she is here and eating well,
             and getting lots of food
             she looks much happier, you can tell
             "carrot craving" is her latest mood.

             The reason she is here today?
              My daughter she likes her horses.
              She rescues them, and feeds them too,
              getting them all on right courses.

              Mabel, Jubil and the rest
              of the hungry, eating herd
              needs lots of hay, grain and veterinary work,
              the cost of which, my word.

              Times are tough for everyone,
               I know this to be true,
               but if you could spare a little change,
               it would help buy a bale or two.

              So skip that coffee! Skip that toll, oops!
              Skip that dinner out!
              Make a donation to ARU,
              it will make us twist and shout!

              Mabel, Jubilee, Annabelle too
              will really be so happy,
              to eat more hay, relax and doze
              makes us feel all sappy.

              Thank you from the bottom of
               hearts both horse and human,
               your kind donation really helps.
               Now we are off to do some grooming.

      PO BOX 50
      NORTH BRIDGTON, ME 04057

SOOOO thin

Jubilee the mule and Mabel sharing a lunch