Homeland Farm

Homeland Farm

Friday, July 26, 2013

A Soggy, hoggy summer

A beautiful rainbow after MORE RAIN
       What can I say..So far the summer of 2013 has been a lousy one for us folks in Maine. We have had rain, followed by showers, followed by torrential downpours ALL SUMMER! Now, I am certainly a fan of everything being nice and green, but it is starting to look like a rainforest around the old farm. The corral is a swampy mess, the weeds have taken over my flower beds, and we have a bumper crop of mosquitoes from all the standing water pooled up around the place. The only creatures that seem to enjoy all the watery, mucky mess are of course the pigs...they can't get enough.
Happy as a pig in...MUD!
          The pot bellied pigs are loving the water holes to wallow in at their leisure, and they have been doing plenty of that. The humans are not so enamored with the muck, as it makes for difficult manure cart pushing!
           I should mention that when it is not rainy, damp, and cool, it has been almost one hundred degrees out. I am not kidding! It is either blazing hot and too humid to move, or rainy. As odd as it is, there is a reason for this weather conundrum. I bought a new bathing suit. I ordered it online, and the very day it was delivered, the 6 day inferno broke, the humidity cleared, the over night temperature dropped to 45 degrees, and I swear I saw the Canadian Geese flying over in their V pattern, on their way south. So much for summer, or as we say in Maine..SUMMAH.
              I hope August brings more sun, less humidity, less rain, and most of all less mosquitoes. They make an evening out (when it isn't pouring) very hard to enjoy. We Northern New Englanders have such a short summer, it is a terrible thing when it is wasted by bad weather. So, we watch, and wait and hope for SUN. We have a lot of painting on outbuildings we would like to work on, but of course need warm, sunny days. Come on August!
Beautiful ponies!
Cowboy Cliffy haying
Here are a few summer pics
around the farm!
Fine feathered friends
Ferguson and Chupie enjoying bread, while chickens try and figure out how to snag it
Someone needs to supervise! Nolan and I take our job seriously!
Baby piggie

Monday, July 8, 2013

Busier then a baby pig in a laundry basket!

Happy Fourth of July! It has been a while since I have written, but it has been a very busy month and a half. I will try and get back to writing more frequently now that things have settled down a bit.
      First off, we had a busy month with finding homes for horses, and also getting in more horses. We now have a total of 17 horses, ponies, mules and donkeys. We also have cows and pigs..and MORE pigs, namely a litter of little piggies that were a surprise arrival the other day. Not much cuter then a mess of piglets in a rainbow of color. We had to bring them into the barn when once again it started to poor and turn nasty..the babies were shivering..

Petunia and her babies
Grandma Bro and Great Granny drying them off (wait..isn't that MY laundry basket????)
How cute...all stacked up like cord wood as Grampy Daigle says
Warming up the mess o' piggies..
Farmer Daigle haying
We are starting to put in hay too, and Cliffy has been raking and baling like mad, to try and beat the rain. We put in over 300 bales of nice hay yesterday. I am glad it wasn't as blazing hot as it has been lately. We have had a terrible summer so far, with heavy rains almost daily. It has been great for keeping the well filled, but not good for haying, veggie and fruit growing.
Liam toting bales

  I have managed to make several batches of strawberry jam, and now if it stops raining it will be time for raspberry jam cooking. I also plan on making a batch of grape jelly as well...Homemade just tastes so much better then store     bought.
Me and my lil helper..:D
We made 17 pints!
        We made a float for the fourth of July parade here in Bridgton, and although we didn't win a prize, we thought it was a wicked good float! It was terribly hot, with temps over 95 degrees during the parade. I was Betsy Ross, complete with long dress, and I was also dripping in sweat before we even started the parade. The float was made for the Animal Rescue Unit, the animal rescue my daughter started and operates out of Homeland Farm, here in Bridgton.
Before the float..
Preparing the float
Finished product!
Uncle Sam and Betsy Ross
George Washington, Captain Nolie and Brogan, ARU founder
End of a long day
Annalee and Chupa
Miss Piggy