Homeland Farm

Homeland Farm

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Will someone ever learn to close her mouth..no really!

   Perusing some old photos the other day, it occurred to me that for some reason, my mouth is seldom closed. I don't plan on taking pictures with my mouth open, it just seems that it happens a lot. Perhaps it is because I have such important stuff to say. Yea, that's it, I'm sure. I know the family would agree with me, I am a veritable fountain of fun facts and humorous  stories. Take these following photos for example..
Here is an attempt at a lovely mother/daughter photo
Brogan saying "Will you keep your mouth shut and smile!"
Me really trying hard...Brogan realizing there is no hope..
College room mate reunion...everyone looks great..well..almost everyone..
Even cleaning the chicken pen my mouth is open..

Oh yes! Much better!

Right Cliffy????
      WAIT! I have done it! I have found a couple pictures where my mouth is closed! It is a miracle! Not sure they are any better however..

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy New Year from Homeland Farm

   Another year well under way and I have decided it is time to get blogging! It has been a busy year all ready and we have added to our animal friends.
    We are currently up to 11 horses, three alpacas, three goats, laying hens, bantams, peacocks, a cow and calf, a pot bellied pig, and two..wait.. four rabbits! Quite the varied assortment. My daughter Brogan (or as she is also know Ellie May Clampett ) runs her own rescue, Animal Rescue Unit....THUS the large variety of critters. Plus, she has 2 dogs and two cats and we have 2 dogs and four cats, and lo and behold, a stray (drop off?) appeared today at the end of our property. Of course, the little Dachshund was welcomed into the house.
Nanny and her calf
  Brogan comes from a long line of animal lovers. My grandmother Althea was a great lover of all animals, as is my mother Betty. So, it was only natural that Brogan turn into an animal advocate.
Mother and her calf
Me and my calf

Brogan and her calf

So you can see we have always been a family of animal lovers, so it is no surprise that Brogan grew up to be an animal advocate. Here are a few more farm animal photos for you.          
Cliffs Aunt Rollie and her admirers Brix and Blossom
Alpacas and Brix the goat
Momma Donkey
Blossom prefers to lay in the sun on my glider
Ferguson the Pot Bellied piggy
Peacocks in the hay loft
Ellie, Amira and Brix..he's like "Wheres Waldo?" He is everywhere!
Summer and Sabre on left..Jax and Lady on right
      Tune in again to Life at Homeland Farm! Every day is a new adventure!