Homeland Farm

Homeland Farm

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Amazing Sleep

    Once again, I find myself awake at night, with nothing but a poem floating around in my head. I know many of you are probably saying.."well, there are worse things then poems."
Perhaps you think it is a Robert Frost poem or some famous, lovely poem by a lady dressed in a long flowing gown. Well, that is almost true. It is one of MY poems, and that long flowing gown? Yep, a flannel granny nightgown. So, without further ado, my poem du jour.

                 Amazing Sleep

(sung to the tune of Amazing Grace, of course..) Ahem...

      Amazing Sleep,
      how sweet the sound,
      of Cliffy sawing ZZZZZZZ's.
      I once was asleep, but now
      I'm  not,
      Am awake, and now I see...

      It's three a.m.
      and once again,
      I'm staring at the moon

       I'd like to sleep,
       but alas, I'm not
       I'm busy writing tunes

       So now I'll try
       to lay back down,
       and go right fast asleep..

       Oh great, now what?
       I know that score,
       hot flashes, anyone?

        I'm off to bed,
        now wish me luck,
        I'd really like to sleep..

        Four cats to feed,
        two dogs to pee,
        I might as well stay up.
My nap buddies..no room for poor Cliffy

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Not as much like Olivia Walton as I thought...

     I love watching "The Waltons". For one thing, it takes me back to my youth..I miss all the older folks in our family that were alive and kicking during the years the "Waltons" were on television. I can still remember my Uncle Billy asking.."Did you see 'The Waltons' last night? It was an awful good show..Ole Grampa got into the recipe.." Most likely I had seen it, as I liked to watch that show myself. Now they play it in reruns every day so I can almost always get a daily dose of feel good television.
       In today's world, especially after this past weeks events, feel good television is a welcome distraction from the harsh reality of life today as we know it. So much carnage and misery and violence on television every day, all day. A simple show about a close family is what we need more then ever. And I DO NOT mean "The Kardashians". Or the "Honey Boo Boo" family. Yikes.
        Yes, I think we need good, wholesome television viewing, and I am ready to take the lead. Just call me...Momma..Momma Horton. I will model my television persona after Olivia Walton. I already have some of her talents, so I am well adapted at playing her. In fact, we are so similar, I am almost an Olivia Clone.
           Now as many of my blog readers already know, I like to cook, and am pretty good at it. Nothing fancy, just meat and taters.  Like 'Liv Walton, I make regular homemade
vittles such as meat loaf, apple pie and biscuits. I have been known to make homemade root beer in summer, maple walnut  fudge at Christmas and strawberry, raspberry and grape jam in summer. I can and freeze veggies with the best of them. I've plucked chickens and turkeys, cut and frozen meat, collected my own eggs and caught and cleaned my own fish. Sounds just like Olivia huh?
Strawberry jam to be
          Another thing Olivia Walton was good at was sewing. She had to be as there was a depression raging. Olivia could fashion new clothes out of old clothes, piece a quilt, and sew up new knickers every time John Boy needed a new pair, often before breakfast was done.
         Olivia and I are very different here however. I am not good with a needle and thread. I tried. Once.  I believe I still have that old Tee shirt I was forced to sew back in Home Economics class. It came out lopsided and had crooked seams and long ravelings. Apparently, I inherited my sewing skills from Nanny, my grandmother who was famous for very diligently sewing a button on my grandfather's shirt, only to stand up and realize she had sewn the shirt to the dress she was wearing.Yep, I come from a long line of bad sewers.
        As it turns out, it is probably just as well though, as I am fairly certain my 6 foot, 250 pound son is pretty happy he didn't have to wear homemade knickers to high school.
Cameron wearing store bought britches
         Olivia was a very patient mother, as she had to be with seven kids and the in laws in the house. She very rarely raised her voice, kept a spotless house and had kids that did what she wanted without question. This is how you KNOW she was a fictional character. Well behaved kids AND a clean house... fiction. Gotta be.
Making up for throwing shoes
I really do not recall an episode where she ever spanked anyone. She would raise her voice on a rare occasion, but I never saw her throw footwear. Oh, did I mention that's what I did? Yes..I too am a patient mother, but when I get mad...you better run. One of Liam's favorite stories was how once when he was little he got in trouble and when I tried to grab him for a spanking, he did the old.."I'm on this side of the table and not going to let you get me" trick. We weaved and bobbed, and I'd start one way and he would go the other, just staying out of reach on the other side of the table. He finally broke for it, ran out the door and headed out the back of the barn. I grabbed the closest thing handy, (a mans sneaker) and flung it at his disappearing form. I missed, but made my point. Cameron had been walking home through the field when he saw Liam come screaming out the back of the barn, followed closely by a large flying object. He turned and went back to Gram's house. He was older. He knew the signs.
        So, I guess I am not so much like "Olivia Walton" as I thought. Thinking more about it, I guess I am more like "Roseanne Conner", or maybe a combo of "Caroline Ingalls" and "Claire Huxtable." Then again..I DO look good in camo. Maybe I am more like June on Honey Boo Boo! Sketti, anyone??   
Me and Brogie Boo Boo

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The old farmhouse kitchen table

Life is different today it seems. People are so busy that families don't even have time to eat supper together any more.
I know some families where the kids eat at different times then their parents, or in different rooms. Some kids eat in their bedrooms, living room or standing. Some people eat in the car on their way to or from an after school activity. Now I am not saying that we haven't all done one of things at one time or  another. But here on the farm, we almost always sit down at the kitchen table and eat together.
       I think that is one thing my children will remember as they get older and go off on their own. I bet when they have families of their own someday, they will try and do that every night with their kids. It is a good time for families to talk about their day, about up coming plans and life in general. I am always amazed at the topics of conversation that flow around the table at supper. It is interesting for sure, to watch as the youngest members of our family start to decide who they are and what they want out of life.
        It seems a farmhouse kitchen table is just a place where these things happen naturally. Plans are made, and discarded. Ideas spoken, and dreams discussed. Jokes are made, and fun is had at almost every meal. Siblings fight, then make up. Cousins say "can I stay for supper?"
        Life revolves around the old kitchen table, especially on a farm. How much hay do we need to move...when are the chickens going to be cleaned out...what needs picking in the garden. Who is going to get the eggs? When are we making root beer this summer? What time are we going for a swim? All things decided around the old farmhouse kitchen table.
       In our kitchen, the table sits beside the wood stove, so it is the perfect spot for baby chicks, a sick piggy, muddy dogs, and diapering a goat. Diapering a goat? Well..it is Homeland Farm we are talking about..

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


       In case you haven't heard of it, the "Harlem Shake" is a dance craze floating around on the internet where costume wearing people boogie around like they have lost their minds. Which is why I knew we Homeland Farm folks had to try our hand at making a video ourselves.
       In the video, one person starts dancing while the others surrounding them act normal and go about their business, until they all join in and dance together. Naturally, I opted to be the one that starts the madness, and of course, since my "granny night gown" blog is so popular on here, that is what I decided to wear. I really bust a move, so be prepared. Just think what I could have done, if it weren't for my bad ankle!
        So, without further ado, watch the video and ENJOY! (or not.............)