Homeland Farm

Homeland Farm

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Why blogging is SO HARD..by Carmen Horton

     How can blogging be hard, people might wonder.. You just sit down and type out whatever you want to say, right? Well, in theory, that is how it works. But then, real life happens, and you look and whoa! It has been months (and months) since you last wrote on your blog. So, you say I AM GOING TO DO BETTER...And you do...for a month or two. Suddenly, spring has turned to fall..or in my particular case, WINTER, and here you are playing catch up and trying to come up with good excuses as to why you haven't written. Oh...I've got excuses..AND PLENTY OF THEM. Here they are, in no particular order.
Milly thinking up excuses for Granny

    My biggest excuse for not having time to write..it MIGHT have to be my little friend Amelia aka Chummy Chumpkin. Last time I wrote she wasn't fond of Granny and her jokes, but now, she has come around to granny's way of thinking. We get to spend time together on most days and have lots of fun. See action shots below.

     What else?? Oh yes. Cooking. This farm doesn't run without food and it is my job to cook us up tasty vittles. Time consuming for sure. That and laundry and it is a miracle I find time to take a shower.
Mole-asses cookies
Chicken enchiladas..OLE!

     Next excuse...Would have to be Facebook and having to update my status. I know most people don't care what I'm doing or eating or wearing...BUT! There are those that do..and it is my job to keep the world informed. Oh..and my underwear today are pink..btw. Meant to post that earlier. ANYWHO...I digress.

     Well in keeping with the Facebook status updates..there is my need to post my selfies. I have a never ending supply because frankly...they are just so good. Someone should tell Kim K to drop me a note..I will fill her in on how to take a good selfie. She needs help. Seriously.

      Oh yeah! A major time sucker...animals. I am so busy everyday with these critters it is amazing I get a chance to even take a selfie. Dogs in..dogs out. Molly wants to be fed..Molly wants to be held. Molly wants a belly rub. Spoiled rotten. And makes it impossible to blog. Plus..there are the 4 cats. Of course they think they need food..attention..litterbox changing. Needy little beasts.
Molly and Annalee..aww cozy
Wants to come in..
Wants to go out...
Wants to come in...

      Plus..hair-do appointments. I mean..I have two a year..sucks up SO much time. Oh..and grocery shopping. Wow. Always running in the store for one or two things. Well..I don't run actually. Well, really I send Cliff...BUT I have to make the lists. Hours and hours I swear.

     Then of course..one must sleep/ Or try to, as is the case here. Dogs pushing on you..dogs snoring..too hot..too cold. Still..I do spend hours trying to do that task. Just don't manage to accomplish it very often. Or very well. However..I give it my best shot and try to be in bed no later then ..7. I know. Sad. But..that is another reason I cant blog. Need beauty sleep. Thank God its working.
no room at the Inn
Me and my teddie peke...

      Well...now you have a better understanding of why it is SO HARD to blog. This is now the point where I swear I will DO BETTER..WRITE OFTEN..BLAH  BLAH. See ya in April. :D


Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring has Sprung at Homeland Farm

       Hello and welcome back! It is only mid march, and we are having an EARLY spring here on the farm. It is certainly very welcome by the  humans and animals alike, after last years record breaking snow and cold. We have had a very mild winter, and very little snow this year. I bet we didn't have much more then  a foot of snow in our area of Maine total for the entire season. Of course, we might not be done yet, but are getting closer to April. Bring on the sun and warm temps, says I.
Last year at this time..we had a ton of snow
        The unfortunate part of spring is here early as well, and that of course is MUD SEASON. Oh Lordie, it is bad this year. Mud in the driveway, mud where the lawn used to be, pull off your boot mud in the corral  and almost as much in my kitchen and laundry room. Bleck. Comes with the territory when you have a working farm, and lately, we are all working.
Look at that floor...ewwww

        Brogan, Jenny, Cass and Cliff have been building fences, cleaning piles of manure, picking up the winter messes. Cameron, and Liam have been doing  odd jobs for the rescue, and also have been helping me with the lawn work. It has been relatively windy this past week, and that has helped with drying things out so we can rake, pick up branches and various trash, hay strings and winter refuse lying about. Actually, I always enjoy spring cleaning...it is usually so dirty, cluttery and dusty that when you are done, you can definitely tell you have been working. My family probably does NOT share the same enthusiasm as I do but, they do admit it looks better when we finish.
Cliffy doing poop removal.
Unloading round bales
          The animals have fared well this winter, and the horses have all begun the annual spring SHEDDING marathon. Everyone that comes in the house is covered with animal hair. Horse, donkey, goat, alpaca (well, they have fiber, not hair) (oh, and don't really shed) (never mind.) I love when I cook a nice meal and when we all sit down to eat, the animal hair is just floating off sleeves and shirts down onto the table. The food. The glasses. Its amazing we don't all sit around and hack up hairballs.  Want a supper invite? Might want to wait until shedding season is over..say, June?
And if not hair, perhaps feathers..

            We have had many visits from Baby Amelia. She is just a cutie, and is almost 6 months old already. She is very alert and is very busy checking out her surroundings now. She loves to ride in her bouncey horse, and like the rest of the family, eats like a champ. Growing like a weed for sure. She will be up and moving on her own soon, and then Granny is going to be in DEEP TROUBLE. I will need a motorized GO BUGGY then just to keep up with her. Going to be fun for sure.
           It is a beautiful day, and I have a few outside jobs calling so I will wrap this up with a few photos and in honor of St Patricks day this upcoming week, a limerick.

"Avon calling! And you'd better BUY!!"

Jenny and her little friend

The dogs in the winter position

And now a Limerick....(ahem)...

                             There once was a place called Homeland Farm
                              If you have ever been there, you know it has charm
                              They greet you at the door with a grin,
                              but, if you don't watch where you step, they wont let you in
                              Cause your shoes might be suffering harm...

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Carmeo, Carmeo - where for art thou, Carmeo....

    Shakespeare would be very angry at the abuse of his famous words."Who is this..Carmeo, of which you write?"  Anyway,  I'm back, and now it is time to catch everyone up after a 5 month blogging vacation. It was an unintended break, because life kind of... happened, and now here we are 5 whole months later. Let me see...what did you miss??

     We had a beautiful sunrise one morning when Cliffy and I were up early to go to dialysis. Lovely..peaceful...serene. A far cry from most days when chaos reins.

     Anticipating the birth of my first granddaughter, we started to buy baby things, which Muffinhead and Stewbeef quickly took over as their own. As it turns out, the cats enjoy laying in these a lot more then the baby.
     It was a banner year for apples, and by September, we were ready to pick them. So we hired the best apple picker we could afford. He worked hard but we ended up with a lot less apples then we thought we would have. On a good note, he didn't need a ladder..

It was also a great year for the garden..here is an afternoons worth of canning.

     The end of September arrived and so did Amelia Horton Woodbury, my first granddaughter. Can you say too cute?? Yep...Proud Granny here. She is precious, and we all love her to pieces.
     Fall is upon us, and it is October. Leaves are changing and the horses are starting to grow their winter coats. The garden is done for the year, and the larder is full of tasty veggies I canned for winter. Now to get all the wood split and in the barn and we will be ready for snow and cold temps.

Apparently I never picked up a camera in November as I have no proof we were even alive. On to December!
 Fat, beautiful Christmas tree..I love Christmas. The smell of balsam fir, the crackling of the fire in the woodstove, the baking in your granny nightgown. Who doesn't enjoy that??
Of course, some of us enjoy it just a little TOO much. Snowball cookies washed down with coffee...a perfect December breakfast, if you ask me..ESPECIALLY if the coffee is brought in fresh by Juan Valdez himself.
 January arrived with little to no snow. The farm team loves it, as it  makes chores a little easier. By now, Miss Amelia, or Milly as she is known just LOVES HER GRANNY!! Finds me terribly amusing..see photo evidence below.

Yep, I sure crack her up. She LOVES to come here and hang out with Granny. She and I will look back on these one day and laugh...maybe.

The dogs love me though..and they love Cliffy too. All three were taking a siesta with Cliffy after a hard mornings work. Miss Molly, who is always a fan of her mother, looking fashionable in her fancy hat.
On to February, and I will end with a few photos of the animals we have now. Brogans rescue is very busy at this time of year, and we have lots of little critters living here this winter. Adorableness below.

So, now I will wrap this up and leave you with one last photo.

Punxsutawney Paca did NOT see his shadow this year, so that means an EARLY SPRING and all of us here at Homeland Farm can NOT wait! See ya soon..no REALLY! I promise!