Homeland Farm

Homeland Farm

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Carmeo, Carmeo - where for art thou, Carmeo....

    Shakespeare would be very angry at the abuse of his famous words."Who is this..Carmeo, of which you write?"  Anyway,  I'm back, and now it is time to catch everyone up after a 5 month blogging vacation. It was an unintended break, because life kind of... happened, and now here we are 5 whole months later. Let me see...what did you miss??

     We had a beautiful sunrise one morning when Cliffy and I were up early to go to dialysis. Lovely..peaceful...serene. A far cry from most days when chaos reins.

     Anticipating the birth of my first granddaughter, we started to buy baby things, which Muffinhead and Stewbeef quickly took over as their own. As it turns out, the cats enjoy laying in these a lot more then the baby.
     It was a banner year for apples, and by September, we were ready to pick them. So we hired the best apple picker we could afford. He worked hard but we ended up with a lot less apples then we thought we would have. On a good note, he didn't need a ladder..

It was also a great year for the garden..here is an afternoons worth of canning.

     The end of September arrived and so did Amelia Horton Woodbury, my first granddaughter. Can you say too cute?? Yep...Proud Granny here. She is precious, and we all love her to pieces.
     Fall is upon us, and it is October. Leaves are changing and the horses are starting to grow their winter coats. The garden is done for the year, and the larder is full of tasty veggies I canned for winter. Now to get all the wood split and in the barn and we will be ready for snow and cold temps.

Apparently I never picked up a camera in November as I have no proof we were even alive. On to December!
 Fat, beautiful Christmas tree..I love Christmas. The smell of balsam fir, the crackling of the fire in the woodstove, the baking in your granny nightgown. Who doesn't enjoy that??
Of course, some of us enjoy it just a little TOO much. Snowball cookies washed down with coffee...a perfect December breakfast, if you ask me..ESPECIALLY if the coffee is brought in fresh by Juan Valdez himself.
 January arrived with little to no snow. The farm team loves it, as it  makes chores a little easier. By now, Miss Amelia, or Milly as she is known just LOVES HER GRANNY!! Finds me terribly amusing..see photo evidence below.

Yep, I sure crack her up. She LOVES to come here and hang out with Granny. She and I will look back on these one day and laugh...maybe.

The dogs love me though..and they love Cliffy too. All three were taking a siesta with Cliffy after a hard mornings work. Miss Molly, who is always a fan of her mother, looking fashionable in her fancy hat.
On to February, and I will end with a few photos of the animals we have now. Brogans rescue is very busy at this time of year, and we have lots of little critters living here this winter. Adorableness below.

So, now I will wrap this up and leave you with one last photo.

Punxsutawney Paca did NOT see his shadow this year, so that means an EARLY SPRING and all of us here at Homeland Farm can NOT wait! See ya soon..no REALLY! I promise!