Homeland Farm

Homeland Farm

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Candid Camera shots from the gang at Homeland Farm

   So, I was on Facebook today, putting on an assortment of pictures from this summers activities here at Homeland Farm.
And there was one thing that kept leaping out at me...The one thing I came to realize is that some people really should NOT be photographed. In any light. Under any circumstances. Ever.
   Then, of course there are some people who do not, can not  or will not EVER take a bad picture. Don't believe me? Let me show you some perfect examples.....Exhibits A-E...

Brogan with her boyfriend
Brogan with her Mother    

Liam cuddling with his cute pet
Me cuddling with my cute pet
Me hanging around the farm.. 


Cameron hanging around the farm
Brogan in dining room with her little creature
Me in dining room with my little creature
Liam and his baking
Me with mine
   So you see what I mean, there are just some people that should never be photographed. Ever. I'm just wondering who is going to break it to the kids that they really should  stop posing in front of the camera....I hate to hurt their feelings...

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