Homeland Farm

Homeland Farm

Sunday, February 24, 2013

..But that I only have one life to live...or do I??

Before Hard time...
   I was lying in bed today, trying to overcome yet another bout of vertigo. If you have never had vertigo, I don't recommend it. Feeling the room spin for no particular reason is real bummer. Trust me. It did however give me a chance to play with my new "tablet", and I made a really interesting discovery.
   All this time, I thought I was just a mere farmgal/blogger/small town girl. Oh, but I am SO MUCH MORE! Let me tell you, I may be only 50, but I have seen and done a lot! I will fill you in on my great, and not so great accomplishments.
   First off, I didn't know it, but apparently have been "tweeting"...yep, I have a "Twitter" account, and apparently tweet as 'Carmita24'..must be when I am feeling all sassy and latin-y. OLE! Of course, that is after working my forty hours a week as a Nurse Practitioner in Texas. (Spell check says I am spelling that wrong, so I hope I am a better doctor then a speller.)
     Which I must be because  I  just bought a half million dollar house in Alpharetta, Georgia, Thank you very much!! Makes me wonder why I am here in snowy Maine right now, I tell ya! I am sure it must be nice in my cozy manse in the ole south tonight. Or, maybe I should go to one of my other properties...I have apparently been hanging out in Kansas a lot too, and Florida. Oh, and the UK. Ah, the life of a wealthy wanderer.
       When I am not in jail. Yes, sad to say, but I have had a couple unfortunate run ins with the long arm of the law. I have mugshots in Polk County Florida, and had a bit of trouble again in Houston, Texas. Which is funny, as I don't even remember going to those places.
        You would think I would definitely remember being in Texas, as I gave birth there for goodness sake! Little fella named David. Definitely NOT in the MOTHER OF THE YEAR running this year!
        Besides being a DR, I have had a few other positions as well. I have worked on some railroad and written about it in a journal called" RAILWAY CARMEN", out of Horton, Kansas. AND, in an odd coincidence, I have had a story written about ME...A fella by the name of T.P.Horton wrote.."Carmen made herself at home...Carmen began to lean back against the wall, pulling her dress up, slowly sliding her hands...." and that's as the excerpt went.  I ought to buy that book. Maybe learn something new and exciting. Apparently, I am one hot ticket!
       But then again, I am pretty busy with my hobbies. I am on Pinterest, Spokeo, My Life, Myspace, Mixcloud, Bebo, LinkedIn, and of course Twitter.
       And now, for what would I guess be my last TWEET. I apparently predeceased my younger brother when I died in North Carolina awhile back. Did I mention I was a man? WHO KNEW! RIP Joe Carmen Horton. Meet ya on the other side, in the CARMEN HORTON section of Heaven.
AFTER hard time...and well, a bout of Vertigo! :D

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