Homeland Farm

Homeland Farm

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall is upon us

Cliffy and Mabel, our free range draft
Holy smoke, where did summer go?? I think it seemed even shorter then usual this year as it was such a rainy year. I managed to spend most of it on the road going to dialysis training, or so it seemed. Made the 4 "off days" extra busy as I tried to cram 7 days worth of work into 4. Funny how much you find out you do when you don't think you do much.
       The kids are back to school, or should I say kid. I am down to one child still in school, and he is in seventh grade this year. Hard to believe..Makes me feel O-L-D. Liam enjoys school though, and that makes it easy for me. He is very prompt and organized, unlike his mother. I don't even have to make his lunch, or get him up. He has to get ME up, if he needs papers signed or we have a teacher meeting. Did I say O-L-D? That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
Liam on the first day of school
        Cameron and Brogan have both returned home to live..(all my little chickens are home to roost...)Cameron is staying for the winter while he plans his next move, and Brogan is here of course sticking me with needles (dialysis) and running her rescue. We have had a steady flow of horses into the rescue this summer, and a slow trickle out as she places them in permanent homes. Sure seems a lot easier for them to come in. The economy being so tight has really done a number on horses being given up for adoption. This isn't even talking about pot bellied pigs, alpacas, and goats. It is fun to watch the cars slow to a crawl as they drive by. HORSES, ALPACAS and PIGS, OH MY!
Pretty ponies
Cliff surrounded by dogs (and a fat pig that sits better then the dogs)
At last..everyone is sitting

Now it is apple time and I think we are going to pick some this weekend for our usual applesauce cooking day. We make it every year and freeze enough for winter. Mighty tasty come February, and cold snowy weather. We will be doing that soon, as it is already headed into the second week of October.
         Time to go shower, and hit the hay. It has been a very busy weekend for this farmgal, and I managed to even stay up until midnight one night..a regular party animal I was! Now, excuse me while I go conk out for the next 12 hours to recover! See ya in the orchard!   

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