Homeland Farm

Homeland Farm

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

T.G.I.T.F.T.I.N. (Thank God It's The First Tuesday In November)

Politicians at the door

      Finally. It is over. It is election day at last. Perhaps after tonight, we will be able to have a dinner without a call from Babs..(Barbara Bush), Ollie..(Olympia Snow) or Annie (Ann Lepage.) I am not sure if it is just me or not, but this election seems to have gone on for an eternity. I think I speak for all people, Reps or Dems, when I say Hallelujah! IT IS DONE. Let the best man, woman, or bear win. In honor of the end of the political assault (for awhile anyway..), a poem. AHEM....

                                 Politics Schmolitics

       It starts as early as January,
       every other year..
       the endless commercials, debates and phone calls,
       I've learned to live in fear

      Now it's not that I'm not a patriot,
      or shrug off my civic duty,
      but by the first Tuesday in November,
      I am feeling pretty moody

      He said, She said...
      it goes on and on and on,
      Who do you believe
      and who is just a con?

      The political signs are everywhere,
       cluttering up the roads
       they ruin all the scenery,
       looking ugly as a toad.

       The newspapers all talk politics,
        television too,
        Isn't there anything else
        for all of us to do?

        At last however, today was the day,
        and yes, I sure did vote
        I hobbled in and marked my choice
        I didn't need my notes.

        So, here we sit, one more night
        of political discussion,
        I hope to God that this is it,
        if not I want a concussion...

        So that when I awake,
        after a good, long sleep,
        politics will be gone,
        and I shall not weep.
        Two more years, and we start again
        this time a brand new president,
        I think if you want to find me then,
        the loony bin will have a new resident.




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