Homeland Farm

Homeland Farm

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Mud Season..again...

 It is that time of year again. The season that brings horse owners and farm folk to tears. It is known as .......MUD SEASON. It is a mess out here every year, but oh Lordie...it is a disaster of biblical proportions this year. Ruts, yep. Pools of mucky water, yep. A slippery, slimey mess, yep.
We got it all. So, I did what all "tired of winter, but not loving mud season" Mainers do..I penned a quick song, called MUD SEASON, OH HOW I HATE YOU.

                                 MUD SEASON, OH HOW I HATE YOU...(ahem)

                                 Sung to the tune of Amazing Grace.

       Crazy mud,
       how sad the sound,
       of boots being sucked
       right off...

       I once liked spring,
       but now, I don't
       Was clean, but now
        I'm not...

        My house, it suffers
       and looks so bad,
       from dogs,
       just walking through...

       I can't wear socks,
      or go barefoot,
       It's too muddy,
       must wear my shoes...

       If you stop by,
       don't stop to stand
       or you
       may never move...

       All these animals,
       are dirty, matted and muddy,
       the furry and also
       the hooved...
       So, go away
       you bad mud season,
       and give us all
       a break...

       We are ready to clean,
       and get jobs done,
       but first, we need
       to rake...

       And now I see,
       it's starting to snow,
       well isn't this
       just dandy?
       It is Easter day,
       no cleaning yet,
       Instead, I'll just eat
       my candy....:D

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