Homeland Farm

Homeland Farm

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Birthday to Cliffy!

      I'm not going to write much of a blog tonight, or as I should call my writings a "Blob". It was a very busy day here at Homeland Farm. Cliffy had his 70th birthday today, so I was a cooking and cleaning fiend all day. Hey, you don't turn 70 everyday. We had a Scottish themed dinner, as I love Scotland. My grandfather ( Poppa) came from Scotland as a youngster and worked hard here in the "New Country" to make a life for himself. He saw my grandmother and told his pal, "That's the girl I am going to marry", and he did.
        I have been lucky enough to travel to Scotland a couple times, but Cliffy, who has traveled alot in his life, has never been to Scotland. So, I am hoping that when we tie the "proverbial knot" later this year, maybe we can manage a trip to Scotland for a honeymoon. I am not sure what Cliffy's plan is.... Maybe I should ask him if he even wants to go to Scotland? He might be happy with a trip to Tractor Supply...
          We have our 7th anniversary coming up in February. Remind me to tell you how a Farmgal from Southern Maine met a Logmantrucker from Northern Maine.....

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