Homeland Farm

Homeland Farm

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Amazing Sleep

    Once again, I find myself awake at night, with nothing but a poem floating around in my head. I know many of you are probably saying.."well, there are worse things then poems."
Perhaps you think it is a Robert Frost poem or some famous, lovely poem by a lady dressed in a long flowing gown. Well, that is almost true. It is one of MY poems, and that long flowing gown? Yep, a flannel granny nightgown. So, without further ado, my poem du jour.

                 Amazing Sleep

(sung to the tune of Amazing Grace, of course..) Ahem...

      Amazing Sleep,
      how sweet the sound,
      of Cliffy sawing ZZZZZZZ's.
      I once was asleep, but now
      I'm  not,
      Am awake, and now I see...

      It's three a.m.
      and once again,
      I'm staring at the moon

       I'd like to sleep,
       but alas, I'm not
       I'm busy writing tunes

       So now I'll try
       to lay back down,
       and go right fast asleep..

       Oh great, now what?
       I know that score,
       hot flashes, anyone?

        I'm off to bed,
        now wish me luck,
        I'd really like to sleep..

        Four cats to feed,
        two dogs to pee,
        I might as well stay up.
My nap buddies..no room for poor Cliffy

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