Homeland Farm

Homeland Farm

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The old farmhouse kitchen table

Life is different today it seems. People are so busy that families don't even have time to eat supper together any more.
I know some families where the kids eat at different times then their parents, or in different rooms. Some kids eat in their bedrooms, living room or standing. Some people eat in the car on their way to or from an after school activity. Now I am not saying that we haven't all done one of things at one time or  another. But here on the farm, we almost always sit down at the kitchen table and eat together.
       I think that is one thing my children will remember as they get older and go off on their own. I bet when they have families of their own someday, they will try and do that every night with their kids. It is a good time for families to talk about their day, about up coming plans and life in general. I am always amazed at the topics of conversation that flow around the table at supper. It is interesting for sure, to watch as the youngest members of our family start to decide who they are and what they want out of life.
        It seems a farmhouse kitchen table is just a place where these things happen naturally. Plans are made, and discarded. Ideas spoken, and dreams discussed. Jokes are made, and fun is had at almost every meal. Siblings fight, then make up. Cousins say "can I stay for supper?"
        Life revolves around the old kitchen table, especially on a farm. How much hay do we need to move...when are the chickens going to be cleaned out...what needs picking in the garden. Who is going to get the eggs? When are we making root beer this summer? What time are we going for a swim? All things decided around the old farmhouse kitchen table.
       In our kitchen, the table sits beside the wood stove, so it is the perfect spot for baby chicks, a sick piggy, muddy dogs, and diapering a goat. Diapering a goat? Well..it is Homeland Farm we are talking about..

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