Homeland Farm

Homeland Farm

Monday, December 9, 2013

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Ahh the holidays, my favorite time of the year. It is easy for me to say that since I am inside cooking, cleaning and doing other domestic goddess stuff, while the rest of the kinfolk are OUTSIDE during the cold and snowy mess. I have long retired from the daily "chores", now leaving that to the other more able bodied folk here at Homeland Farm. Besides, BLOG I MUST! But, oh man, I have been terrible at this.
Liam-pro snow shoveler
Cliffy hauling poo, a cold winter job

Brogan hauling sawdust, while I take pictures..(someone had to do it!)
Ree Drummond, my personal blogging hero, does such a great job. She blogs every day, often many times. It certainly isn't that I don't have much to say, as I am well known to never shut up really..but it seems hard for me to make time to plant my bum in my computer chair long enough to get an update down for all in cyberspace to read. I like to blame it on my newly evolving dialysis schedule (see KIDNEY KHRONICLES.BLOGSPOT for the latest with all that..), but I am not sure that is entirely it either. And it certainly isn't my devotion to all things housekeeping, as I will pretty much avoid vacuuming and dusting at all costs.
baked goods for sale!
      No, I think it is just the unexpected "stuff" that happens, that seems to take up a lot of the hours in my day.
Like..cooking..I recently went on a bake-a-thon, to help raise money for my son Cameron's testing. He has no insurance, and needed a large sum of money as a down payment for the doctor. I did a lot of baking, and between the actual cooking and dish washing, it seemed I had no time left over for anything. Supper was often MYO..or Make Your Own, as we call it. At the end of the baking day, we had lots of delicious looking baked goods that we could NOT TOUCH..and nothing we COULD eat. Bummer.

"Sorry about the skunk juice on your bed mom.."
   Now that the testing is over, and paid for, (thank goodness), I figured I would have lots of free time to get ready for the holidays, and yet, there still isn't enough time in the day. I decided I needed to change the bed today, as my young (dumb) dog Annalee got sprayed by a skunk, and naturally jumped up on our bed and rubbed her face on the blankets. Nice. So that is a job all in itself..King size bed making is a feat for two, not one. Unless you don't mind making a dozen trips around and around, trying to get the blankets and sheets just right.
Liam and Molly Magoo
Cliffy hauling hay
     Plus, time is taken up just feeding animals, inside AND out. We recently added another dog to the pack, making 4 here. A little Pekinese came to join our gang, and has bonded very tightly to me. I needed another critter at my feet during the day. With Brogan's two dogs here in my house (where they are most of the time) and now these other two, plus 4 cats, and two strays, it makes feeding almost a 40 hour a week job. That of course, is not counting the 20 plus horses, bull, alpaca herd, three pot belly pigs, the peacocks and chickens, ducks and Guinea fowl. Those fall on the OUTSIDE crew..the dogs and cat are my critters to feed.
And this is just the dogs...
   Well, I have lost most of the morning now and must get busy. Blankets and sheets are ready to dry, and I have to clean a litter box or three. And, well, the cats need food..and I have to figure out something to make for supper..and the dogs are wanting to go back outside..and I thought I would vacuum....or not...

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