Homeland Farm

Homeland Farm

Thursday, August 6, 2015

August?? Already??

    Hello and I know, I know. It has been 3 months since I last wrote a blog. I am a poor excuse for a blogger, I have to say. My heroine blogger, Ree Drummond of "Pioneer Woman" does a great job. She does at least one a day, usually including a few pictures each time. Of course, in my defense, she is making a bajillion dollars doing hers, and has awesome new computers and cameras as well, I am fairly certain.
     I on the other hand, have one computer that has been giving me fits lately, and is reluctant to cooperate on most days. I also only have a cracked screen iPhone for photos, and it seems it is always at the other end of the house from where I am when the "action" breaks out. Oh, and not only is the 4 wheeler broken down, which is my main mode of transport OUTSIDE the house, my go buggy is also broken down INSIDE the house. So I am reduced to calculating exactly HOW impressive the photo or blog would be and if it is worth the 29 steps into the living room to type or snap pictures. Obviously, things have been deemed NOT THAT EXCITING, as I haven't typed  a blog since April. Well, in an attempt to keep this here blog alive, here is a brief synopsis of the last three months of activities at Homeland Farm...

     On April 26th, I made donuts.
 Yes, indeed. They were yummy, but it was not especially blog worthy. What else happened..let's see....
Oh yes! I found out in May I am about to be a first time granny! Exciting news, so I decided I better get practiced up on my diapering skills. Of course, I have no baby to practice on yet, but I have my willing little pal, Molly the Pekinese. As you can see, I need A LOT more practice! What else is new on the farm..

Oh, yes ok. In June, Cameron and I were very busy taking down old fence. We worked hard but took down a mess of old barbed wire fence that has probably been up since my great grandfather put it up in the 40's. Barbed wire is hard on critters, (and us humans!) so the last of it went to the dump.

BYE BYE BARBED WIRE! Oh, and even though it looks like I sat inside truck and just took photos, yours truly did indeed snip plenty of wire herself. Cameron is just much more photogenic then I am.
What else did we do since I last blogged...Oh yes, I planted a lot of beautiful poseys in my window boxes. I love petunias on the porch and in my flower beds. Here are a few pictures..
Lovely petunias!
.....And NOT so lovely Petunia...Giant pot belly pig sprawled on my lawn. Sigh.
  On to July! On one sunny July afternoon, I decided to go peel my taters on the front porch swing. I was not alone for long. Dixon the goat came to help, while Molly watched to make sure he wasn't going to harass me.
 Which, he did. He is apparently a big fan of tater peelings. Who knew! On a good note, I didn't have to bother anyone to take my peelings to compost pile. Dixon old boy, your cute, but that wasn't really a blog worthy moment. Or was it....
Here we are, August and all caught up. I am really going to try and blog more often. It might be more random animal pictures..or maybe a few of Cliffy driving tractor, but I will see if I can't sit my butt down and write more often. I will leave you with this glorious early morning sight from yesterday. I snapped this heart shaped sun and rays of light on our way to dialysis early in the morning. It was amazing and lovely and a sign of good thing to come, I just know it!
Beautiful foggy, sunny morning

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  1. Always love your blogs. ..keep them coming even if they are not that often.