Homeland Farm

Homeland Farm

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Homeland Farm Alphabet..the REST of the letters

  Hello and welcome back. I made it successfully to M yesterday with no computer glitches, so I shall soldier on today and finish what I started. Here we go!

 N is for Nuts...Sooo many examples of that!
Jr Ewing meets Wyett Earp

Cam ready for safari

See what I mean...

O is for Offspring, as in mine...

P is for pals..they are good friends
Molly and Liam

Cameron wearing a cat

Cameron and Ryder..not too big to love a belly rub

Q is quality horses..rescue saves many from a terrible fate
Cliff and Brogan on Azura and Amira

Liam on Old Bill, another rescue

R is for roosters, of which we have many
Rooster Cogburn

A rooster a riding..

Emu the rooster

S is for snowy scenes...
Last winter was a doozy!

Lots of snow!


So much snow...

T is for Turkey, wild bird that got caught in our fences

U is for unusual...like chupie

Mr Peacock

V is for vegetables...Cliffy is a great gardener..

W is for water tubs...also knows as goose spa

ok here we go on the hard one..

X is for Xtremely large pig!

Y is for young folks growing up on a farm!

Liam and baby chickie

Brogan as a youngster with her calf

Liam and Nolan in the family plot

Cameron cuddling with old Duchess

Z is of course for ZOO, which is what it feels like at times around Homeland Farm!

Brix the goat stealing food

Not a happy camper

Chuppie the pig, feral cat and a chicken..all on my front stoop

Variety is the spice of life! Also, anyone know why my kitchen chair was laying on lawn? Just curious.....

So, that is the end of the Homeland Farm alphabet! Stop by again sometime and see what is new back at the ranch!


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