Homeland Farm

Homeland Farm

Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Homeland Farm Alphabet

In honor of the school supplies display I saw the other day at the store, I thought I would do a Homeland Farm alphabet. Since the alphabet is a tad long, and I always screw up putting on pictures at the end of my blog, I will do this in two installments. Here we go!

A is for alpaca...Cute and fluffy...and they spit.
B is for babies, riding in the car

C is for cats..we have 6 including ferals

D is for dogs. We have 3 or 4 or 6, if grand dogs are here visiting.

E is for eggs, from our chickens

F is for Ferguson, our first pot belly pig rescue

G is for goats...also known around here as "darn goats are eating my plants"

H is for Homeland Farm of course!

..and Horses, lots and lots of horses...

I is for "There is no I in team"..it takes a team to run this place!
Cliffy drilling holes

Bro hauling sawdust
Cameron stacking hay
Liam hauling hay

Zak and Nolan fixing the corral
Jenny and Brogan feeding a newborn
Cass helping baby pacas


K is for kids that aren't afraid to show their patriotism
L is for Lunatic..'nuff said
M is for Old MCDAIGLE had a farm...
and of course, Molly my fat little friend
That is it for the first half of the Homeland Farm alphabet. I will ponder what I can possibly use for x, y and z and return tomorrow with the rest of the letters! Stay tuned!!

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