Homeland Farm

Homeland Farm

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A few more.."Get to know the folks at Homeland Farm" Photos!

      It has been a long day of  grocery shopping, cleaning, and also my new table and chairs arriving. (thus, the cleaning! I made the brilliant move to wash my kitchen floor BEFORE the guy came to deliver the set, which of course he did with muddy feet.) I then had to wash the floor all over again. I don't even wash my floors very often, and here I was doing it twice in one day! I should be all set until next year now...
     I love my new set, and will be sure to put a photo or two on the old blog. It will have to wait until tomorrow night, as I still need to put away some groceries that are still sitting on the new table. It is late, and I am almost ready to crash for the night.
Cameron, Bridgitte and Liam went shopping with me, and it always makes me smile to hear them invariably say how tired they are by the time we are done packing grocery bags in the car and then lugging them into the house once we are home. I think to myself try being another 30+ years older and then talk to me about being tired!
Cameron in the hayloft..nice green hay!
      So, for tonight's blog, I will just put a few photos of our gang here at the farm..Some are old, some new..some good, some bad..I will trust you folks to know which is which!
Farmer Daigle and our old Milking goats..love this one..
Now that is a snowy Maine Winter!
Mr and Mrs Guinea..we love them!
Hay season!
Last summers baby chicks..awwww!
Wild turkey! We always have lots around the farm, and I don't mean the bird! :D
Picking rocks!

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