Homeland Farm

Homeland Farm

Friday, February 3, 2012

T.G.I.F. and M.B.W.

     That would be "Thank God It's Friday" of course, and also, My Birthday Weekend. I believe in making my birthday a full three day event. Of course, this year, pretty much the ENTIRE United States will be celebrating on my birthday. No, I'm not famous (yet!), however my birthday happens to fall on SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! So, when I walk into a bar for lunch with Cliffy on Sunday and hear a loud cheer, I will pretend it is me they are cheering for, not Tom Brady and Co.
     We ordered Pizza for supper tonight, as, well, I am a firm believer that no one should cook on their birthday weekend. It just isn't right, slaving over a stove wearing the latest in birthday hats. So, we had takeout, and my nephew Nolan joined us as well. When I asked him what kind of pizza he wanted, he said at first 'pepperoni', then quickly said.."Auntie Carmen, make it a cheese pizza. Im trying to cut back on pepperoni." He is 8 years old and so cute. Tomorrow, the entire family, (all except my father as he gets embarrassed by us) are going out to dinner at a local restaurant. It should be a lot of fun. There will be 15 of us, including the kids. Although, not my own son Cameron. When he went to college last month for his first semester, I told him all that stuff a mom is supposed to tell their child as they strike out on their own. How it was time for him to "fly the nest" and "be his own person" and "make his own way in the world", and that it was indeed, time for me to "cut the proverbial apron strings." I haven't heard from him since, the bugger. I guess HE is the one doing the cutting of apron strings! I've sent an email (or 15), called, and sent messages on Facebook..nada. Oh well. He is off having a great time, and loving it. My work here is done.
      Brogan and Liam will be going though, and Bridgitte, Cameron's girlfriend who has been staying with us since fall,  along with my mother, cousins Susan and Joy, sister Kim and her family, my brother Zak and his son, and my cousin Zenya, whom you have read about in some of my earlier blogs. Oh, and there will be more stories coming, don't worry. I am taking a few days off however, as I plan on being all liquored up the next few days. (birthday, don't ya know!) No, I am kidding, although I suspect there might be a bottle (or two) of champagne chilling for the next couple days.
      I have dropped plenty of hints about gifts. I am thinking I might be in need of a new table and chair set for my kitchen. What do you think?
One of our kitchen chairs..you don't want to lean back in this one
Another kitchen chair..mind the point,Dearie...

    This is one of our GOOD Ones..

     You get my point..well you might really get the point if you use that second chair! So, I am in hopes that my kin all pitch together and get us some good sturdy kitchen furniture. Cliffy has been on "stealth mode" the last couple days, hiding things here and there. He really does try his best,, but no matter where he hides my gifts, I always seem to inadvertently come across them. And I hate it. I like a surprise, but danged if I don't find Cliffy's gifts almost every time. He once hid a bracelet in the truck tucked under the drivers seat. I took the truck, and went to town, stepped on the brakes, and ended up stepping on the box as it slid out from under the front seat. I flipped down the visor and my card landed on my lap. I opened up his nightstand draw to put his cough drops inside and there was a  gift and another card. I had dropped a hint about a cookbook I wanted this year for my birthday, telling him the author and title. He wanted me to check over his checkbook and the last entry was to Bridgton Books, where he had shopped the day before. He went to Reno, Nevada to visit his son before Christmas, and was gone a week. The day after he returned, he was unpacking in the bedroom and I started to walk in behind him, and saw a shiny gold bag that looked like it might hold jewelry sitting in his suitcase. I turned and beat a hasty retreat, not wanting to see yet another gift. Christmas came and went, and I didn't get a gift that seemed like it would have been in so pretty a little bag. I mentioned it to Brogan, who said he was desperate to keep me from seeing this one gift, so he hid it. Too well. We still haven't found it. SURPRISE!
     So, dear readers, I am going to wrap up tonight's blog and turn on my electric blanket and crawl in. It is a cold Maine night, and I have a couple big days coming up. I will take lots of pictures and probably not post any. (I take terrible pictures, especially when I'm under the influence of bubbly.)
Have a great weekend..I plan on it!!

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