Homeland Farm

Homeland Farm

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Coming to a cable station near you...

Liam as Mr Drysdale, ready to defend Homeland Farm
     I have a really good reason for not having posted anything in the last couple days. I got caught up in reality television. I really don't watch much T.V. at all, with the exception of an occasional cooking show and the news. Oh, and of course, reruns of "The Walton's".  Recently though, Liam was watching a couple different shows, and well, I got sucked in. Boy, do they ever have some odd shows on television these days. It is apparent that they are really grasping at straws for show ideas.
    Which gave me an idea for tonight's blog. I am thinking us folks at Homeland Farm need a reality show. We just need to decide what it is going to be about, and then we will start filming A&E channels newest hit show. I think the storyline will be a bunch of shows all rolled into one. Here is what I've got so far....
      The intro has to be catchy, of course..to lure the viewers in. Now on the show called "Billy the Exterminator", he and his entire family are making a ton of money chasing varmints. I figure since I have a good background in varmint control,  that's a natural theme for us to go with. The "exterminator" show starts out with the entire family, all dressed in black and wearing lots of leather, and spikes and sunglasses being named in the   introduction.
     They remind me of  "Dog The Bounty Hunter" and his crew, except they chase bats and bees and possums, and not bail jumpers. I am not sure I can see Cliffy as "Dog", as he doesn't have the long flowing mullet, and I can't really be Beth, his wife, because I don't have her...umm...well, if you know Beth, you know what I am talking about. So, dressing like Dog the Bounty Hunter, or Billy the Exterminator wouldn't really be us.
Cliffy doing his Uncle Jed impression!
      We did dress up like the "Beverly Hillbillies"  for our local Fourth of July parade, advertising Homeland Farm. I sat in a rocking chair, wearing my Great Grandmother's old gingham dress, and holding a large jug with XXX written on it. Brogan dressed up as Ellie May, and wore denim shorts, a plaid shirt, and a yellow braided wig. She of course, held a chicken. Cliffy was an Uncle Jed look alike-wearing overalls, a white Tee shirt, and a floppy hat. He drove his old yellow tractor, and pulled our float on a flatbed. I am proud to say we got "Honorable mention" in the parade. The judges said we would have scored higher, but didn't incorporate the "circus" theme in our float. Don't they realize it is a circus here everyday at Homeland Farm???
Cameron as Jethro, ready to fight!
      So, I think since we were so popular in the parade, we should probably dress like that. That would make for some good television viewing, and, is a lot more true to life then us wearing leather and spikes. Cameron can be Jethro I figure, as he was plenty of jeans and a can borrow one of Cliffy's plaid shirts.Plus, we have lots of baling rope for his belt. If you have ever seen Cam sit down to a bowl of cereal, you know he really is Jethro! He doesn't dump the milk right into the box of cereal, but he does use a serving bowl to eat from at times. A true likeness for sure. I think Liam will most likely be Mr Drysdale, as he is a suit and tie guy for sure. That is how we will be dressed..it's gonna be good.
Brogan as Ellie, with a baby chick

       Now, we need a show title, and theme. I have seen TV shows by the name of "Swamp People", "Moonshiners", "Bayou Billionaires", and a new upcoming show, "Duck Call Dynasty." Oh yea, these are all real shows. So, we could go with "Farm People"..nawww. "Farm Folks"? Maybe. We don't make moonshine, but do make homemade rootbeer. So maybe "Rootbeerers?" Nope. Maybe "Rootbeer Rebels?" No..too southern. "Yankee Brewers?" Maybe.
       We certainly aren't billionaires, so lets see. "Bridgton Broke folks?" True..but too wordy. "Farmland Overdrawers?" True again, but too hard to say. Hmmm, onward. How about "Crow Call Dynasty"? or maybe "Hog calling Homelanders?" Wow. So many choices. I think I will go with "Homeland Farm Follies". That will work.
       A theme song is needed..I think it could go something like this..(I, of course, will sing it..)
                    GREEN ACRES..sung to the tune of, well, Green Acres...

    my part - Homeland Farm is the place to be,
                 working with Cliffy is the life for me
                 Jobs spreading out both far and wide,
                 Keep Millinocket just give me that countryside.

Cliffys part- Key West is where I'd rather stay,
                  I get allergic smelling hay,
                  I just adore a water view,
                  Darling I love you,
                  but give me something fun to do
     Me- You are my Honey!
     Cliffy- Goodbye all my money!
               Green Acres we are there!
          Great..so we have our theme song. Now, what will our show be about. I think that is by far the easiest part. It will feature lots of animals, chaos and laughs. I will be dressed in various granny night gowns and camo. Cliffy will be sporting the latest in Carhartt and plaid. I suspect there will be shooting, four wheeling, animal chasing, and cooking. Oh yeah, with a lineup like that, we would have hit on our hands. I guess I should start practicing my award show speech.." I'd like to thank the 2 blog readers in the Netherlands that gave me my start....."
This would make some good television watching, yep!



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  1. I love this one, Carmen. I would watch the show for sure.