Homeland Farm

Homeland Farm

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Picking Blu-ets for Nanny


          I was mowing the lawn for the first time this spring, and reluctantly kept mowing off patches of Blu-ets. Those little clumps of white flowers with a hint of blue were always a favorite of mine as a child. Seeing them in the spring always meant another long Maine winter was over, and spring was upon us at last.
        As a little girl, I would walk around on the lawn, or in the field and pull up big handfuls of the little flowers to give to my grandmother. Nanny, as we all called her, would oohhh and aahhh over them like I had just presented her with a dozen long stemmed roses. She would take my little fistful of blooms, dirt and all, put them in a jelly jar, and set them on the table. Whenever someone new came in, she would exclaim " See what Carmen gave me?"
     I would be so proud of my offering, and can still recall her picking up the  jar full of flowers and taking a big sniff. "Ahhhh" she would say, and I would grin with pleasure. Anyone that is familiar with Blu-ets knows they have no fragrance whatsoever, but to Nanny, they were as sweet as honeysuckle.
      I would always try and find the blooms with the most blue in them..those were her favorites. I would search high and lo, checking for just the right bunch, before making my choice. On a beautiful spring day, I was never in any hurry to go inside anyway. Looking for the bluest flowers for Nanny was, in the end, a treat for both of us.
       The best part of all was that the Blu-ets arrival often coincided with Mother's Day. Nanny always got a lot of nice Mother's Day gifts, but I always knew she liked my handful of Blu-ets best. I am sure there are plenty of grandmothers that receive really extravagant gifts for Mother's Day like fancy clothes and jewelry, but I bet they don't mean any more then a jelly jar full of little white flowers with a touch of blue.
         It seems to me that children today spend too much time indoors. They seem to lead  busy lives with school, dance classes, and sports followed by homework, television and video games. I think that perhaps they miss out on the simple things in life, like picking wildflowers and presenting them to a loved one.
      I do not have any grandchildren yet, but I hope I will someday. And you can bet that when May rolls around, we will be outside in the field, jelly jar in hand, looking for Blu-ets.
Not Blu-ets, but pretty Irises

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