Homeland Farm

Homeland Farm

Friday, March 16, 2012

A troublesome question for my blog readers..

       As I mentioned in my last blog, I have been watching way too much television lately. I don't usually pay much attention to the commercials but a few have caught my eye lately and I have been giving them much thought. I guess I am really out of the loop, because I hadn't heard of this plague that has apparently been causing a lot of issues for many people, according to the number of advertisements I have seen. Frankly, I hardly dare go outside any more, lest I come across one of the bad boys.
       I am sure there are many readers out in "Blog-land" that are by far more sophisticated and aware then I am. Perhaps you can fill me in on what it is exactly I should be looking for, so I can protect myself and my family from the potential dangers that are associated with these terrible creatures.
      According to the commercials, these beasts seem to stalk middle aged people, and they can do it inside their home, in the middle of a walk, or even while taking a bath. That one really scared me. I make sure to always lock the bathroom door now, when I take a shower. I don't know if they can get you while in a shower, but I sure as heck am not taking any chances.
      I made sure Cliffy saw the commercial the other day, in case he sees one before I do. We both watched the evening news with Brian Williams, to see if they had a news story on about the critters, but nothing. Just the commercials. I guess they figure that will be enough to get the word out. I hope so, for all the middle aged couples out there. We could be in big danger, if it isn't.
       Every time Cliffy and I go to town, we scour the horizon, looking for one, but therein lies the trouble. Despite all the commercials we have seen, they have never shown what one of the little devils looks like. I guess either they are nocturnal, and only come out at night...Or maybe they are still rare, like Bigfoot, and Nessie, and there aren't a lot of them around. Maine does have cold temperatures..I hope that's enough to save us from the devious buggers.
      So, dear readers, perhaps you can help me..Help me prepare in case of an attack. So I can be ready, and have my family ready. Perhaps one of you can tell me...

Is this one of those "Dysfunctional Reptiles??"

Wait..I think they are actually called "Reptile Dysfunction"..that must be the Latin term. If this is one of those things, we are in big trouble! My family is being stalked by them..see the proof!

Brogan has one watching her from the tree!!


SO, if you think this is what one of those so called "Dysfunctional Reptiles" looks like..let me know. I will get a couple rounds in the gun, just in case. Thanks!

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