Homeland Farm

Homeland Farm

Friday, March 29, 2013

Brace yourselves...

     I have been writing my blog now for just over a year, and I have to say it has been very interesting. The website I use, BLOGSPOT, lets you read your "stats" regarding your blog and they tell you all sorts of interesting facts about your readers. For example, what country your readers live in, how many readers have ever read your blog, how often they read your blog, how they find it etc.
     I am proud to say I have a huge following in Latvia. I had to ask my son where the heck Latvia even is. Yes, there are 28 people in Latvia that love reading "Life at Homeland Farm." Huge following, I tell you! Actually, I am quite popular in all of Europe. Germany, Great Britain, France, Ukraine all host readers of my blog. Of course, they could all fit around my dining room table, but it is interesting to think of them reading about my crazy stories.
     That is not counting my Russian friends. My second largest readership after the good ole United States is Russia. Why do you think that is? I can just hear some fella from Moscow telling his wife..." This American wooman is crazy person," in a voice that sounds like Boris from the the UNDERDOG cartoon.
      I have had quite a few Canadians, and a fair following in India and China too. I have only had one lonely Australian. They apparently were not even impressed enough to scrounge up one single friend to read the blog..and that is a HUGE country! And I have not had any readers from South America either. See. Fascinating stuff.
      What I have found particularly fascinating, and honestly, very humorous, is how some of these folks found my blog in cyberspace. The "stats" part of my website tells me how the readers came across my blog, and what key words and phrases they used to do it. I will share a few of my favorites.
       Where shall we start..Well, there are a few entries where the reader apparently had an idea of who or what they were looking for. For example, there were several people that found the blog by typing in CARMEN C HORTON BLOG....and LIFE AT HOMELAND FARM BLOG. Yay for them! You were right on the money.
        Then there were quite a few that were....close, shall we say. HOMELAND FARM BRIDGTON MAINE, was typed in a few times, as was MAINE HOUSEWIFE BLOG. Not bad, not bad.
         Then we get into the fun stuff. If you have read many of my blogs, you might remember me talking about having trouble with my knees, feet etc. One resourceful reader found my blog simply by entering MY ANKLE.
         Someone else must have read or heard about the one particular post I did called REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BRIDGTON MAINE. They found my blog with their own rendition called UNREAL HOUSEWIVES OF DOWNEAST MAINE. (That is how I am now answering my telephone these days!)
       Now we get into the really interesting stuff. Oddly enough, one of my most popular blog posts was the one I wrote called GRANNY NIGHTGOWNS NOT JUST FOR SLEEPING. I have no idea why it is one of the most widely read, but it is, and how people have found it, is a hoot.
Here is a list of how readers have found that blog entry..
        Which is why I am attaching the following pictures. I am certain it is 'what the people want.' ENJOY!

Horses saying "RUN FROM CRAZY LADY"

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