Homeland Farm

Homeland Farm

Monday, March 18, 2013


Nanny and her calf
    My grandmother, Althea Green Smith Crook was a wonderful, kind woman. Nanny, as we grand kids called her,  had a calm, good natured  way about her, and was very well liked by all that knew her. She had a delightful sense of humor, and I don't believe she could have been mean tempered if she wanted to. I just don't think she was capable. She was, in my opinion, as kind and humble a woman as there ever lived.
   Which brings me to the initials at the top of my blog. W.W.N.D, as you may have already guessed, stands for "What would Nanny do", my own personal take on the famous W.W.J.D, which of course is "What would Jesus do."
    I try, and I emphasize the word 'try', to live my life in the way that my grandmother did. I am not trying to BE her, nor do I think anyone should, as everyone is their own person, and has their own personality and traits. What I do think is that if everyone were more like her, in the way that they treat their fellow humans, the world would indeed be a much nicer place.
     Much too often, it is easy to judge someone, or assume the worst about a person, without really looking at the bigger picture. You may think you don't like how someone acts, or looks, or speaks, but you don't take time to look at why that person is that way. Maybe they need sympathy? Understanding? Assistance? Maybe they aren't even aware they are acting like that, caught up in the situation and blind to how they are affecting other people around them. I believe Nanny always tried to look at the bigger picture, and believed in the giving someone the benefit of the doubt.
     I try, and again emphasize 'try' to use the same gentle tactics that Nanny employed in dealing with others. I really can't recall a harsh word or even tone of voice from Nanny, who also never swore, smoke or drank. She was just funny, easy going, and compassionate. In today's tight economy, and difficult world, it is very easy to get caught up drama, and negativity. Bad news abounds, and it is easy to be ill tempered, and short with your words and actions because of it.
     My grandmother never bad mouthed anyone, and certainly never called anyone she knew a bad name. Everyone knows harsh words DO hurt. Even as an adult, to hear someone you know call you a derogatory name is a terrible thing, and not a very "nanny" like action. I know I would not like that to happen to me, so I try not to say hurtful things to or about  people.
      Now that I am more then half way through my life, I really do understand what all those sayings mean. You know the ones...about "to really understand someone, you need to walk a mile in his shoes", and " Don't sweat the small stuff, and it's all small stuff" and even Kenny Chesney's song " Don't blink, 100 years goes faster then you think".
       Time does go fast, and soon you are closer to the end then the beginning. Maybe we should learn one more thing from Nanny. Slow down. Rock in a rocking chair. Be nice to people. Be honest as the day is long. Eat more chocolate. Laugh at yourself. Most importantly, live your life so that when you do stand before the only real judge of mankind, you have a lot more checks in the good column, then in the bad.
Nanny and I, with Billy..Dorothea and Aunt Betty in back

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