Homeland Farm

Homeland Farm

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring Glorious Spring

  Time for a new poem. I know you are scared, and you should be. Here we go...

              Spring on the Farm

   Spring is near,
   and makes me cheer,
   and I am not a hog.

   If I were a hog,
   I know I would log,
   many hours in a mud hole.

   If I were a horse,
   I'd need to be brushed,
   spring means shedding, and shedding and shedding of

   If I were a calf,or maybe a
   my cud I would chew,
   along side the sow.


    If I were a goat,
    I'd go here and there,
    and shoulder, nary a care.

   If I were a boar,
   I know I would snore,
   sleeping the day away.

     If I were a donkey,
    I'd hang out and eat,
    and be happy I'm full
     to the gills.

  But I am a human,
  with much work to do,
  these animals not only eat,
   but make lots of poo!

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